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Nicola Greene

Environmental Engineer

Edwin Mariita Passport.png

Edwin Mariita


Jeff Walcott
Startup Business Consultant 


Lincoln Odeya
Research & Business Development


Carlette Chepngeno
Marketing, Communication & Sales

In 2014, after conducting a PhD in Civil Engineering at the Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC) at Loughborough University (UK), the newly Dr. Nicola Greene wondered if she had become ‘too academic’. The antidote to this concern was to move to Malawi to design technology and business models for emptying, transporting, treating and reusing human waste from on-site sanitation systems. Six years later, she continues to address these issues, having picked, applied, and adapted her knowledge from work in Malawi, Kenya, Rwanda, Zambia, Sierra Leone and Uganda. 


Nicola’s training and work as an engineer, enthusiasm for design, entrepreneurial background, plus an Irish ability to talk to almost anyone, brings together a solid set of skills to create practical faecal sludge and solid waste management systems that scale. Now living permanently in Kenya, Nicola founded OPERO Services to establish a network of East African professionals with a passion for the same. 


Outside of work - Nicola spends most of her time on a mountain bike.

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A Civil Engineer graduate from the University of Nairobi, Edwin started off his career as a WASH engineer as a volunteer for Slum architects association- a student organisation that brings together professionals in the built industry for slum upgrading projects. It was while he was part of a team creating solutions for the low-income dwellers that he joined Sanergy as a technical support engineer. 

During this period Edwin took part in the design and construction of a one of its kind transfer station that is safely disposing of more than 10,000l of waste from the community daily.  

Edwin`s passion lies in creating novel engineering solutions to issues of waste management and is committed to addressing these problems in his own county, and country.He is passionate about design and innovation, and has experience in manufacturing, construction, product and systems design. 


When not involved in equations, sketches, and CAD models, Edwin enjoys playing piano and a saxophone

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In 2012, Jeff left a corporate career to pursue more tangible business results by focusing on social entrepreneurship. He earned his MBA from the University of Arizona in 2014 and immediately left the United States to provide entrepreneurship consulting services to new and proposed businesses across Africa and Southeast Asia. 


While on-site sanitation was not Jeff's initial focus, he quickly discovered the global need, and potential of utilizing business methods, to make sanitation emptying and transport services more efficient, create and launch different products, and scale models that worked. Seven years later, Jeff has completed numerous on-site sanitation projects across seven different countries, all focused on building sustainable sanitation business models that serve low-income populations.


Jeff's passion truly lies within using business to provide a positive impact in global cities. But, when he's not vetting new ideas, you can usually find him somewhere climbing mountains with a camera up to his eye

To access Jeff`s cv :

Lincoln is a sanitation professional and an adept environmental researcher with 6+ years’ experience working in environmental projects with extensive components of market research that assess and determine market viability of various solid waste and sanitation products and/ or services in Kenya.

He holds a Master of Science in Sanitation from IHE Delft Institute for Water Education in the Netherlands, with key professional interests in faecal sludge management, sanitation business development and innovative sanitation technologies. Lincoln’s sanitation journey started in 2017 when he led a research on the selection of appropriate sanitation technologies for various coastal institutions and hotel establishments with the aim of protecting the marine environment against land-based sources of pollution, with great results setting a positive precedence for sanitation in the coast of Kenya. Lincoln is passionate about practical solutions that directly and positively impact human development.

Outside of work, he enjoys a good read, and can also be found sporting or trying a new recipe.

To access Lincoln`s cv:

Carlette is a development enthusiast who specializes in market research, strategy development, and communication. She is also a YALI alumnus and a holder of a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management.


With over 8 years of experience in the agriculture, sanitation, and renewable energy sectors, Carlette`s work with NGO's & social enterprises has so far resulted in the development of an extensive report on the biogas market in Kenya (with, the introduction of a SAFI latrine to the African market; a toilet option for rural households (with SNV), development of M-TIBA and Nivi brands among others. Her expertise includes project management, supply chain development, product & service development, business model development, and people management. 

To access Carlette`s cv:

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Daisy Chepkemoi

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George Ochieng
Project Management

Daisy is a vibrant, experienced operational management and administrative professional individual with 6 plus years of experience optimizing productivity, efficiency and service quality across various environments including petroleum sector and sanitation.

She is an Environmental graduate key professional interest in Environmental Consulting, Project Management and Operations. Daisy started off her operations work in 2017 as a supply operations manager in Link oil and gas industry monitoring the operations in Eldoret, Kisumu and Nakuru company depots. During this period, she developed and reviewed new strategies with safe and co-efficient methods which increased the production capacity in the sector.


Daisy is a versatile individual who is passionate in providing reliable support that blends advanced operational, organizational and business acumen to ensure operational and service excellence.

Outside work- Daisy spends her time in reading books and writing articles

To access Daisy`s cv:

George is Community Health and Development Expert. He holds Masters in Community Health and Development  He brings hands on experience in the WASH/IWRM, M & E, Research,
Capacity Building, and Healthcare in Emergency sector having worked in  community service since 1997.

He has served in several national (KWAHO, STIPA, Vision Quest Consultants, IDCCS, OPERO Services Ltd) and international (CDC, IPA, CARITAS) organizations in different capacities both in Kenya and beyond.


George developed interest in Sanitation during his encounter with the founder of Community lead total Sanitation (CLTS) Kamal Kar in 2009. Theirconversation made him to go for a master’s trainer’s course in CLTS. Since the training, George has never looked back and he has supported over 3000
communities within 15 Counties in Kenya to go up the sanitation ladder.

To access George`s cv:

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