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Opero works with technology developers to test and review their technologies under defined technical, operational, financial and usability KPIs to ease consumer choice and facilitate market entry. This is made possible through our technology centre that offers:


Technology Testing & Validation

We work with technology developers to evaluate the performance and reliability of their systems within the East African context. The focus of the technology validation is to quantify and reduce uncertainty in the performance and applicability of the systems, thereby reducing risk and leading to greater confidence in the bankability of these systems


Technology Information Dissemination

We provide a platform to enable WASH stakeholders get a better understanding of WASH technology options available, including their respective cost-efficiency which can be an essential element for good decision making at both policy and technical decision making

​Routes to Market Support


We provide market entry facilitation to technology developers through import logistics, market insights and assistance with customer and supply chain partnerships

Our Track Record

We have an extensive track record of testing and deploying WASH technologies to the Eastern Africa market

20 +

Technologies tested


Technology deployed to the Kenyan market


Technology performance report developed


We are proud to have worked to test the applicability

of these technologies to the local market

Fecal Sludge Treatment Unit

Pupu Pump

Low Cost FS Dewatering Unit

FS Modular Anaerobic Digesters

Green Latrine

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