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The PuPu Pump

Since 2021, Opero Services and Practica Foundation have joined forces to test and bring to market the Pupu Pump, a mobile pit-emptying technology. Collaboratively, the consortium has conducted trials with Ghasia Poa, a waste management enterprise in Kisumu, Kenya. This partnership has yielded significant outcomes for the service provider, transitioning from manual emptying methods to a more professional approach. As a result:

  • The time and cost for service provision have decreased, allowing the enterprise to target a larger customer base.

  • The enterprise's profitability has increased, leading to additional job opportunities.

  • Safety in pit latrine emptying processes has improved, as manual methods are no longer employed, enhancing working conditions.

  • The legitimacy of pit latrine emptying service provision has risen, making it an attractive opportunity for youth and women.

Moving forward into 2024, the consortium is dedicated to establishing a sustainable supply chain for the Pupu Pump, aiming to sell 15 units while providing complementary business development support to emerging pit latrine emptying enterprises. Additionally, the consortium plans to develop and sell an on-site sanitation training package to customers and showcase the technology at our technology hub to assist customers in making informed decisions.

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